Be Careful Everyone

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Be Careful Everyone

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:38 pm

Please all take this as a warning.In the latest 1.26 update, there have been some security updates. Due to the results of these update, myself and Razor have got a temporary ban from GTA until 1st December.
At present, the guys who wrote the mod script are currently working on a fix but how long this will take is unknown.
But......... I've also heard the people who have had there accounts modded (either by rank upgrade or having more cash than there rank would be capable of earning have also been temporary banned.. As i would not like any member of this crew please take this as there is a possibility that the ban wave is still ongoing.
So please everyone be careful in what you are doing, and myself and razor will be back as soon as this has ended. But i will be very careful with what i do when modding..
One of the main things that have triggered the banning is doing cash drops for any duration of time.. This is not to say that this will end....i originally got a modded console so i could help others out, and also to have a bit of fun with it. And in the end i pay for anything that need doing to keep this going and don't expect anyone else to and that i stand by. Anyways.....enough said......
Hope to see you all soon

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Re: Be Careful Everyone

Post by EATMYCRUMB on Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:11 am

Well sorry that happened to u guys. & thanks for the heads up. I'll spread the word also. Thanx D.. c ya

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